About BDB

We help in integrating Data and Analytics into every part of your organization.

About BDB

Big Data BizViz is a Decision Platform that has Big Data Pipeline framework to handle Streaming, Structured, and Unstructured data. This micro services architecture based modern platform can be integrated with famous business applications or can give customized Analytics flow. It has its elements of Augmented Analytics, Machine Learning with top end Visualization. This product is used by all layers in an organization like CXOs, Citizen Data Scientist, Data Scientists, Business Analysts, and Business Users etc.

LeaderShip Team

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Avin Jain

Founder & CEO

Anoop Prabhakaran

Chief Architect

Vishal Venugopal

VP, Big Data

Anil Kumar


Why do we exist?

Our core teams come with 8 years of SAP Business Objects R&D Experience (working for various classical products and platforms) and 5 years of consulting experience on AP Business objects for various MNC’s prior to getting tasked for BDB platform. We have an unmatched approach for and extraordinary technology blended with an instantaneous and an efficient understanding of BI and analytics competitive space with a belief of building something that generates appreciable ROI to the customers. Following are the three reasons of our existence.

We have an All Inclusive Platform to give 360 view of data right from Data Ingestion Layer to Top end Visualization – (End to end Feature Set)

We are ready to be integrated with Business Applications to give them seamless Analytics thereby growing their business as well

We provide Technology licenses, professional services, technology teams at rates which is very much affordable and make our customers think Big and never worry about the future innovations in the space of Analytics.

BDB Highlights

Before the end of 2nd year of our completion, we signed a multi million $ deal on our Product competing with the top BI companies worldwide.

We feel that we are the best partners for IT organizations with a very large set of customers, analytical firms who are consulting specialists (building solutions using BDB and SME’s) who are willing to use our Cloud Platform.

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