An industry with the highest level of competitiveness and challenges.


The automotive industry is one of the most competitive and most challenging businesses. Manufactures are facing increased competitive pressure and customer expectations. There are many factors contributing to enhancement in sales. To make this happen, manufacturers are implementing data science to understand consumer behaviour effectively.

How can BizViz help?

Yes, using Bizviz platform provides a 360-degree view of their data to our valuable customers. Our platform with a blend of Descriptive, Predictive and sentiment analysis, privileges our customers to perform data analysis, thus formatting the data for better understanding.

Predictive Analysis:

BizViz has developed a predictive analysis tool that consumes data from Spark SQL using BizViz Query Services. Once BizViz algorithms are applied to the data, users can extract predictions. These predictions are then stored in a MySQL database.

from the fig we can observe that in 2014-Q3 the sentiments are high for Mahindra and Mahindra in the sentiment chart. Based on these sentiments the popularity of that brand is analyzed which can be seen in the line chart under the 'Popularity Trends' tab.

Market Segmentation

From the above fig we can observe how the manufacturers are performing in respected segments. The Treemap indicates which company has performed well in the particular quarter. On clicking the node's in the Line chart the Treemap showcases the best perrformers of that quarter.

BizViz Mission
Start Small
Start Small

Start small and pay-as-you-grow with predictable performance and economics.

Eliminate Downtime
Eliminate Downtime

Eliminate downtime with affordable integrated data protection and disaster recovery.

Lower Costs
Lower Costs

Lower capital and operational expense by 50% without compromising availability or scalability.

Present insights into your business

dynamic BI stories
Business-Users can easily create beautiful, dynamic BI stories

user interface
Resize and Rearrange charts easily with our fluid user interface

Compelling range
Compelling range of charts and components

deeper analysis
Drill-down into charts for deeper analysis

story automatically up-to-date
Data in your story will automatically be up-to-date

Experience a Live Automotive Dashboard

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