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BDB On Cloud (SAAS) is completely on Cloud and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Your analytics is online and fully hosted in the clouds. Publish dashboards and share your discoveries with anyone, provide opportunities with interactive visualizations and accurate data.Its build can be optimised & deployed quickly with powerful design tools and use various APIs & Data connectors to connect to proprietary data sources and systems in real-time.

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BDB Deployment

Our core team has over 20 years of BI expertise and we have served hundreds of customers on our BizViz platform. The BDB platform is vertically and horizontally scalable and has many licensed components to give businesses a 360* degree view of their information. This has led to BizViz’s adoption across organizations of all sizes, from small up to very large.

With one of our partners IDP (Interactive Data Partners), we have over 200 customers using the most comprehensive Education Analytics platform. BDB platform helps Companies consolidate their data into a single place and also visualize their data via dashboards.


These Education customers primarily used the following services:-

Template Dashboards – Set of 3 to 10 predefined dashboards.

Survey, Analytics framework, Services, Dashboards

Ability to create Dynamic forms for real-time analytics

Benchmark Reports – A set of 10-12 benchmark reports using 100-400 education parameters



3-10 dashboards for various schools roles

1-5 dynamic apps, to track real-time data

ETL from individual school databases/data-sources

Assisting customers with data quality and data management

Number of users – 5-25

Training on using the platform


Data Flow :

CSV, Excel, BizViz Cloud DB [MySQL]


Duration of Implementation:

1-10 weeks.

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