BDB Business Story

Business Users can create their own self Service Dashboard.

Empower Business User to explore data with intuitive drag and drop charts visualization

BDB Business Story eliminates the traditional need for data modelling and ETL.BDB diffuses the power of Self-service BI to 90% of business users worldwide, enabling their requirements to get fulfilled in the most simple, intuitive and collaborative way, thus visually interacting with data for absolute decision making. With its transformative technology, BDB brings self-service business intelligence and analytics to a wide range of mobile and legacy of web application.

As organizations transform into digital businesses, analytics become critical enabler. Expanding access to insights from analytics to all workers will be the key to driving transformative business impact. Business Story is powered by NLP driven text based data search, a step towards conversational analytics.It enables the users to interact with data to gain the most relevant and the best suited actionable insights for their role and context.

Share your Business Story on the fly

Power users can share or copy the Business Stories on the fly, which in turn increases the BI accessibility remarkably in an organization.Due to Business Story, we are able to reach BI to more than 50% audience in an enterprise segment.

Introducing new features in Business Story 3.0

This tool is being enhanced further as a Data Story Telling Feature from release 3.5 and beyond.

NLP driven

Introduced NLP driven text based data search feature.

Data Visualization Components

Data Visualization Components:

  1. Data Grid - to view multiple data values in a tabular format
  2. Map - to position data in a geographical context using different data layers
Auto Date Drill

Auto Date Drill to define the hierarchy for the time dimensions.

Measure Filters

Measure Filters to filter data, based on the selected measures.

Create Your Business Story in 10 mins

Now, it’s easy to visualize and design your own ways, at the same time as data visualisation to the same. To create your own Business-story, all that you need to do is to push excel data in Bizviz Cube. It enables you to play with data and present the same as per your interest and applicability. Engage your Executive Team and explain your strategies and results more powerfully by approaching your project as a story. You don't have to be a genius or hiring a techie to create reports but with BDB platform, it becomes a piece of cake!

Business Story Features

Present insights into your business

 dynamic BI stories
Business-Users can easily create beautiful, dynamic BI stories

fluid user interface
Resize and Rearrange charts easily with our fluid user interface

Compelling range
Compelling range of charts and components

Drill-down charts
Drill-down into charts for deeper analysis

up-to-date data
Data in your story will automatically be up-to-date

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