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Feedback from an Enterprise Customer

This is my first time seeing Bizviz live demo. The product looks great.The UI is what a modern BI should be. Enterprise Customer who is Integrating BizViz Platform into their overall Product offering to give Pervasive BI.

Feedback from Analytics Partner who has worked on more than 55 different Clients (Feedback taken by Third Party) Interactive Data Partners

IDP is very satisfied with BizViz products. This company has been working with BizViz for 7 years doing custom programs for IDP and is ID's primary technology department, which is outsourced. Brian said that the BizViz team worked with their team to make their customer happy and had dedication to the project. He would love to see the company be able to go and visit customers alongside the IDP team and get that customer interaction. He has been very happy with the company and is not looking to switch solutions any time.

Annitek (Feedback Taken by Third Party)

This company is satisfied with the BizViz products overall. Annitek takes BizViz product and white labels it as their own and has been using BizViz since 2011. He says he is satisfied so far with the product and was what they needed when looking for this solution. Annitek plans to start using the BizViz support team soon. Right now, their own employees are providing the support for the BizViz product. The product offerings are what Prominder sees as the value of this company. The company is growing and enterprise customers are going to need the innovations and improvements and he is hopeful that BizViz will continue to make strides in the products.

Anglo-American School Moscow/St. Pete (Feedback taken by Third Party)

This School district is very satisfied with the BizViz products overall. This district has been using BizViz for just under 6 months. She claims that BizViz team have been thorough, detailed, and efficient in all communication and product advancement and stressed how impressed she is so far with the team. Melissa mentioned that BizViz is imperative to the work and advancement of AAS as a school. They are very satisfied with the support they have been receiving and are solution-oriented.Overall this customer is very satisfied and looking to expand their existing solution further in the future.

E-Commerce Website Owner after doing the migration of their business from old system for new System

I really appreciate the team's willingness to work with us to ensure the ultimate test of the new portal (i.e. surviving the transition Back to School) is a success. The next few weeks are critical, and it's nice to know we are in this together.