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With BDB Dashboard Software, it’s easy to see all the information in one place and use it to make faster, better-informed decisions.

Visualize your Business Data like never before

BizViz Dashboard Designer is a web browser based application used to build dashboards and design analytics. It comes preloaded with a wide range of charts, features, and data integration capabilities that empower the users to create informative and appealing visual representations of their data.

Bizviz dashboard designer

Let your Business Data lead the way for your Decisions

Effective Dashboards can change your business. With the ability to go deeper than standard KPIs and analyze on the fly, it not only gives a clear visibility across the business-it also inspires ideas and amplifies innovation.

Dashboard Designer Fact Features


Beta Version Launched in Jan


Tool Used by of BI developer


Dashboards Deliver


Deployed for more than 60 Direct Customers and 10k Indirect Customers.


Charts, Grids, Filters, Infographics.


Millions of Users viewing our Dashboards

Why choose BDB Dashboard Designer ?

Smart visualizations 
Smart visualizations 
Analytics on Cloud
Analytics on Cloud
multiple Data
Explore multiple Data sources
Reveal hidden insights
Reveal hidden insights
Smart Search
Smart Search
Rich Data
Rich Data Story Telling

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