BDB Mobile

Access your Data Anywhere, Anytime with BDB Mobile.

Mobility, Agility and Flexibility

Use your phone or tablet to view BizViz content while on the go. The power of desktop application on your iPad and iPhone. All with an intuitive surprisingly with a touch-based interface.

BDB for iOS

  • Annotation: Add text, drawings, and highlight parts of a chart. Great for presentations.
  • Select & Capture: Select any section of a dashboard and save it as an image.
  • Pinch-to-Zoom: Zoom in/out to focus on a specific area.
  • Re-Edit:Users can even edit the work saved earlier by them.
  • Minimize dashboards to the dock to view later. No need to reload them.
  • Instant navigation between dashboards during a presentation.
Easy Navigation
  • Folders are arranged in a tree-structure soEnabling the users to access dashboards quickly.
Easy Navigation
Save and Share your Insights with your Team
  • E-mail
  • iMessage
  • Save images to your device‚Äôs photo gallery
  • Print
Share your Insights

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Intuitive Touch Base User Interface
View anywhere anytime
Smooth Navigation Fluid Viewing
Take ScreenShots
Take Your Data on the Road

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