BDB Predictive Workbench

A Data Science tool for harnessing R and Spark ML Algorithms.

Endless Opportunities to Improve Your Business Strategies

Combine historical data, statistical algorithms, and information technology with BDB Predictive Workbench for prospective business outcomes.

‘Predict’ what will happen in each scenario based on the meaningful analysis of the past. Analyze the ‘How?’ and ‘Why?’ factors behind each move to decide the next probable business strategy.

Empower the frontline decision makers with valuable insight to increase revenue, maximize efficiency, avoid pitfalls.

How to Use BDB Predictive Models in Realtime?
  • A basic predictive workflow is explained here in real-time. Discover patterns in your business data and go beyond what has happened to anticipate what is likely to happen next.

Make Informed Decisions based on Your Historical Business Data

    • Experience the most intuitive and interactive predictive models. BDB Predictive Workbench brings together advanced analytics spanning ad-hoc statistical analysis, predictive modeling, data mining, text analytics, entity analytics, optimization, real-time scoring, and machine learning.

Modelling Process in BDB Predictive Workbench

Target Determination

Determine what you want to predict or understand. Define the aspect on which you want to use BDB Predictive Workbench.

Data Acquisition & Preparation

Acquire data in any form and modify to make it analysis ready. Use inbuilt allied components to prepare and transform data.

Prediction Building

Train and test data with the suitable machine learning or statistical algorithms to create reusable predictive models on the best-fit algorithms.

Captivating Visualization

Display the predicted results through rich and interactive visuals for well-informed insight.

Credit Card Scoring Model Developed using the BDB Predictive Workbench

  • Check out the video to know how BDB Predictive Workbench serves users to count credit card score. Stay out of the technical nitty-gritty that scripting languages associated with algorithms offer and yet create prediction models. Avail an easy, intuitive experience devoid of the mathematical complexity to discover the hidden insights and relationships into your data.

List of Algorithms supported by Predictive Workbench

  • Clustering (R-K Means, Spark K-Means)
  • Forecasting (Triple Exponential Smoothing, Single Exponential Smoothing, Double Exponential Smoothing, R-ARIMA, R-Auto Forecasting)
  • Association (Market Basket Analysis)
  • Regression Analysis (R-Linear Regression, R-Multiple Linear Regression, R-Logistic Regression)
  • Outliers (Interquartile Range)
  • Classification (R-CNR Tree, R-Naive Bayes, Spark Naive Bayes, Spark Decision Tree, Spark Random Forests)
  • Correlation (R-Correlation)
  • Recommendation Engine (Spark ALS)
  • The Predictive Workbench supports connectivity with Big Data frameworks like Apache Spark SQL + Hive via thrift server and direct connectivity with Hive via thrift.
  • You can also integrate features provided in the BizViz platform - Data Mining, Text Mining, NLP, Social Media Analytics, Web Scrapping, Online Survey Management, Online Test Management System thereby facilitating you for data coverage within a statistical tool, coherently.
  • The Visualisation section of the Predictive contains rich collection of charts starting from -Tag/Word Cloud, Decision Tree, Scatter Matrix, Box Plot, Scatter Plot, Time Series Chart, Custom Chart Images (via Custom R Script).
  • All these charts are created using our HTML5 charting tool, BizViz, there is an ample scope for further customization or to create fresh ones.

Customized Functionality

  • The Predictive Workbench can be tailored to provide appropriate functionality for users having various skill levels.
  • It includes visual, menu-driven interfaces for beginners and advanced functionality for skilled analysts.

Use Cases of Predictive Analysis

Identify Current Trends

Using our Regression Analysis capabilities like Linear Regression, Multiple Linear Regression you can instantly predict market trends, foresee changes in demand and supply

Connect with Customers

Our Custom R script feature lets you combine multiple algorithms into one data pipeline.

Improve Business Performance

By using our classification techniques like Decision Tree or Decision Matrix, Pareto Analysis, Conjoint Analysis (via custom R).It enables decision-makers to make optimized and well-informed decisions..

Derive Strategic Value

Market Basket Analysis, Naive Bayes capabilities lets you uncover invisible patterns and associations within all types of data and transform them into predictive insight in order to aid frontline decision makers.

Data Processing for Prediction Building

Users can create rich, interactive data visualisations and will helps in gathering insights and improve business decision making.

Aid in Marketing Strategy

Decision tree Modelling, Clustering, Logistic Regression can be adopted to predict market trends and price vitality for creating customized offers for each segment and channel.

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