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Discover and analyse customer feedback from various Social Media/Ecommerce channels

Our SMB platform provides a common launch pad for Searching, collating and Analyzing Social/Digital Media data - A comprehensive solution for you to input your search term, fetch relevant data from various social media/e-commerce sites and visualize the overall sentiments/moods and various other Analytical KPI’s delivered via our BizViz dashboards.

Empower your Social Media with SMB Platforms

Social Media Search

Collate relevant tweets out there in the Twitterati world, the public chatter about your business in digital media, and analyze the voluminous data thus collected through various models. What can you achieve with Sentiment Analysis – what is the general sentiment? Is it positive/Negative/Neutral across various demographics? Identify your major influencers in the Social Media space – people who can be approached to create a sizable impact.

Social Media Search
Product Search Page
  • Search the desired content from any website by entering the desired keyword in the product search page. Gather and Analyze time bound reviews about your product from popular e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Team BHP, any other site that you may wish to crawl and fetch relevant data (would be a custom development). Competitor Analysis – How do your competitors fare in Social media?
Product Search Page
Scheduler and Monitoring
  • It Schedules your desired Search as per the requirement be it real-time or later on. Monitoring can be done real-time by checking if tweets/ text has started coming. SMB Version 1.0 has been developed using Java and MySQL while Version 2.0 has been developed using revolutionary technologies like Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, and Apache Cassandra to aid big data environments.
Scheduler and Monitoring
    Dashboard Analytics
  • Get a complete picture how your Search will appear on the Dashboard. Multiple Customization features via our BizViz Dashboards and platform. It helps you in Focused Analysis – Analyze feedback based on specific people, brands, ad- campaigns, etc. Similarly, it makes Marketing Effectiveness - Monitor the effectiveness of your business’s ad- campaigns. Determining public reaction to your new product or ad-campaign is a good example of how businesses can benefit from the honest feedback that can be found using social media
Dashboard Analytics

Social-Media Browser Features


Identify the effectiveness of your product. How is it actually faring in the market? How are customers relating to it?

Social media insights can be used to plan future products and promotions.

Discover key-factors that are important for your organization’s growth.

Locate the most suitable employment candidates.

Simplified Management

Obtain objective and honest product feedback.

Security Compliance

Develop and enhance your business’s reputation.

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