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BDB Data Pipeline

Discover the real power of Big Data Analytics with BDB Pipeline. Gain seamless insights into a massive amount of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data Support your decisions with advanced Machine Learning Algorithms and visualization techniques, all in one go.

BDB Data Preparation

BDB Data Preparation allows you to interact with your data in the familiar Excel-like interface. Perceive a quality profile of your data, detect anomalous records (rows with invalid or empty values) and remove them in a few clicks. Automatically, identify groups and categories in your data and view them as frequency table charts. Filter groups in a single click and transform data through matching filter conditions. Get intelligent data transformation suggestions based on data type and quality. Instantly view the result of transformations on a sample subset of your dataset. Merge datasets, Save transformation rules as preparation, and apply tested preparations on Big Data on-premise or using the cloud.


Experience a secure yet self-driven mode of data grounding. Seamlessly pull, process, and load endless user-driven combinations of data sources. Connect source and target data to streamline the entire process of dealing with retrievable business data. Data Preparation empowers business users and allows them to perform tasks, make decisions and recommendations quickly and with unprecedented agility.

Predictive Workbench

BDB Predictive Workbench supports connectivity with Big Data frameworks like Apache Spark SQL + Hive via Thrift server. You can also integrate Predictive Workbench with other BDB Platform features - Data Mining, Text Mining, NLP, Social Media Analytics, Web Scrapping, Online Survey Management, Online Test Management System. Thereby, it coherently facilitates you for data coverage within a statistical tool.

BDB Business Story

BDB Business Story eliminates the traditional need for data modeling and ETL. It defuses the power of Self-service BI to 90% of business users worldwide by enabling their requirements to get fulfilled in the most simple, intuitive, and collaborative way. Visually interact with your complex Business data for independent decision making. BDB Business Story brings the legacy of mobile and web application being a transformative BI Technology.

BDB Dashboard Designer

BizViz Dashboard Designer is a web browser-based application used to build dashboards and design analytics. It comes preloaded with a wide range of charts, features, and data integration capabilities that empower users to create informative and appealing visual representations of their data.

Data Analytics Platform with Hybrid Integration Capabilities

Adaption to a Cloud integration application may not be the best solution, yet it is better than continuing with an out-of-date legacy. Hybrid Cloud Integration offers the perfect balance for enterprises integrating data from on-premise systems with cloud data ensuring that businesses have a full advantage when driving forward in Data Analytics.

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Freedom of Customization
Freedom of Customization
Clean and Prepare Data
Clean and Prepare Data
Machine Learning
Machine Learning
Secure Platform
Secure Platform
24*7 Support
24*7 Support
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