Team BDB

Our mission is to help create a new breed of ‘Smart Companies’ in the Big Data era.

Our experience includes 8 years of product development in SAP BOBJ and another 7 years implementing BI solutions for large MNCs. While interacting with our clients, we saw a need for an innovative platform that would transform the ideas of Innovators, SMEs, and Entrepreneurs into technologically competitive business applications.

BizViz Mission

Avin Jain

Founder & CEO

IIT'an with 22 years of Software Experience.7 years as Entrepreneur.15 years in BI field. Worked with people from all geography. Has lead in large teams in the past where people belong to different countries.

BizViz Mission

Anoop Prabhakaran

Chief Architect

18 years of Software Development Experience. More than 10 years as Architect in Java J2EE side. Great problem solving abilities. Ability to work on tight deadlines and getting maximum out of an average technical team.

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Vishal Venugopal

VP, Big Data

18+ years of software development experience in different technologies. Pursued EPGP ITM from IIM Kozhikode and 'Challenges of Big Data' certification from MIT Professional education. Expertise on various big data technologies and SAP BOBJ SDK. Worked on large projects for SAP BOBJ R&D labs and SDK implementations.

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B L Gupta


CA with a practice of 25 years in India for various organizations. Deep understanding of Financial aspects, Tax Laws in India and ability to play the role of Chief Financial Officer.

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Ranjit Krishnan

QA Director

15 years of experiance in database, ETL technologies. Expert of SAP BODS product line. Has handled many large MNC deployments on SAP BOBJ,HANA side. Knows multiple BI Products.

BizViz Mission

Sivan N

BI Architect, head BLR

15 years of Software Experience and has expertize on virtually all technologies - DOT Net or J2EE. Has good understanding of MSFT BI, SAP HANA, Data warehousing & Dev.Technologies.

BizViz Mission

Rajesh Thanki

VP, US Ops, Sr Architect

Around 18 years of software development experience and last 10 years as Solution Architect in SAP BOBJ, HANA & J2EE. Expertize on overall BI & Big Data Technologies. Has worked on the innovative Sentiment Analytics of BizViz.

BizViz Mission

David James

Principal Strategist

MBA from AIM Manila with 25+ Years experience in Technology Consulting, Investment Banking, Corporate Finance & Risk Management. Contributor and Speaker at Risk & Business Intelligence Conferences in Asia-Pacific.

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Head Finance Department

CA with 20 years of Experience in Finance Field.

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Sales and Operational Director

B Tech. , M Tech from IIT Bombay, PGDM from IIM Bangalore, 18 years of Software Development and Delivery Experience.Worked with the Large MNCs like Cisco, Oracle and SAP Labs on the client Services and Customer Delivery throughout.

BizViz Mission

Ashok Kumar

Senior Technical Architect

Masters from JNU, New Delhi. 15+ years in software engineering. Domain expertise in Investment Banking (High throughput, low latency trading), Oil and Gas, Project Management Solutions, BI. Passionate about functional programming, agile methods especially Test driven development.

BizViz Mission

Vikram Raju

Yujaa Product Manager

He has 17 years of experience and 11 years of them with SAP BI. He has worked in Dev, QA, Support, Project Management, Leadership positions.

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Nitha P

Data Product Manager

10 years of experience in the software industry with 5+ years in the ecosystem. Expertise in Data Modeling.

BizViz Mission

Vivek Kumar

HYD Head, Survey Lead

8+ years of experience in the ecosystem. Heads Hyd developments center & Lead BizViz Survey product development team.

BizViz Mission

Prakash Joshi

Pre-Sales Lead

With 7+ years of experience and 2.5 years of them has been with SAP Labs (Business Intelligence) Ecosystem. He has worked in BI implementation, Project coordinator & Presales. He has expertise on BizViz Product Portfolio.

BizViz Mission

Rajat Gupta


Sr BDM, with 7+ Years of Experience in the Ecosystem. Expertise on BizViz Product Portfolio.

BizViz Mission

Raghvendra Singh

Dashboard Designer Lead

Raghvendra - 5+ years of experience in the ecosystem. Leads BizViz HTML5 dashboard designer development team.

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Vishal Bansala

BI Lead

6+ years of experience in the ecosystem. Providing educational analytics to 200 educational institutes.

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Vineet Agarwal

Branding & Marketing Manager

With 7+ years of Industry experience & 5+ Years in BizViz Ecosystem. Sr. BDM, takes care of Marketing & Sales. Expertise in BDB Branding & Social Media Marketing

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