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Empowering Workforce Industry with BDB Advanced Analytics

BDB is an advanced set of data analysis tools and metrics for comprehensive workforce performance measurement and improvement. With Analytics it empowers a user to analyzes recruitment, staffing, training and development, personnel, and compensation and benefits, as well as standard ratios that consist of time to fill, cost per hire, accession rate, retention rate, add rate, replacement rate, time to start and offer acceptance rate.

Fuelling Workforce Analytics BDB HR Survey and Churn Analytics

  • BDB Workforce(HR) Analytics focuses on applying Analytics processes to the HR department of an organization to improve employee performance and therefore getting a better return on investment. This includes churning of the employee data, company data and the feedback of the employees. Our Predictive engine also helps in gaining future insights from which companies can take measure on work on it accordingly.

Fuelling Workforce Analytics BDB HR Survey and Churn Analytics

Let's create a Workforce Analytics through BDB Platform. To take feedback a User will require conducting a workforce Survey using a tool that will provide ‘Powerful Analytics’. We have a Survey tool names "BizVizSurvey" which integrated with our Analytics platform. So no third party tool is required.

Select the ‘Survey’ Plug-in from platform services Highlights of our Survey product Design a Survey by Drag & Drop of various types of questions. Design a Survey by Drag & Drop of various types of questions. User can set some parameters to have tight control. BDB Survey can be published via the Web and Mobile devices. Benchmark Parameters can be set to evaluate the survey results

With Integrated BDB charting framework, User can view all Responses, Comments and Analytics. Data can later be exported to Excel or to the platform’s cloud database for deeper analysis. Further helps in tracking HR KPI's such as Training effectiveness index, Attrition, Vacancies, and Satisfaction etc.

Dashboard Designer with rich set of 60+ Visualization components - Charts, Grids, Filters, Combo-boxes, etc... tell your business story and helps to Create or Modify a Dashboard. This can connect multiple sort of Data and accepts Restful and SOAP Web services. Dashboard Designer is unique tool in our product.

Analyse the responses and its textual feedback given by employees. What are their Sentiments? This can give an overall feel of an Organization. Yes, one can quickly perform Text Analytics using the products Sentiment Analyser.This will give you the overall feel of your workforce’s emotions. This covers various type of charts like Heat-map, Tag Cloud, Pie chart etc.

Predictive Analytics tool does the job for Churn Analytics by using standard and custom algorithms. Data Science team designs Custom Algorithms & writes Custom script as per the business requirement to get desired output. Saved Custom Script can be used by BI team for different sort of Analytics., they can be saved and used by BI teams

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